Esports Around the World: How Different Countries Play Games


In the last few years, esports, a digital sport involving video games, has grown exponentially, reaching the masses like never before. At Lotus365, esports consists of playing games with millions of players, holding large tournaments, and having groups of followers dedicated to it. 

So, let’s explore how players from different countries worldwide play esports:

Esports in Various Countries

Let’s explore how the industry was created by taking the example of famous countries:

China: The Esports Giant

China takes the lead regarding the number of players and revenue. Although China was a newcomer to the gaming arena, it soon became a significant player.

If 1.5 billion gamers play, they will drive the requirement, and most international winners will be Chinese. China’s infrastructure, including leagues, teams, and streaming platforms, remains unparalleled. 

South Korea: The Birthplace of Esports 

In the early 2000s, South Korea set up a professional player license system, giving it a base for competitive gaming to rival any other. The most internationally well-known Real-Time Strategy game is StarCraft.

The popularity of South Korean players also wore off legendary status, and this influence has sculpted the industry to a global level.

United States: The Growing Powerhouse

The world of sports in America is broader than waving stars on jerseys. Major cities like Los Angeles and New York host different tournaments, and players win valuable prizes.

Education institutions have esports programmes, which are boosted by enthusiastic fans of competitive gaming. The US market is of great consequence concerning the global esports network. 

Europe: A Diverse Landscape

Europe is one of the main hosts of esports tournaments, and multiple countries cover it. Germany, the Nordic countries, and the United Kingdom are prominent.

Esports games at the weekend are mega-events with the best players from Europe covering all game categories.  

Brazil: Passion and Potential

The fans treat titles like League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which are translated into all common Brazilian languages, as a music genre that connects them.

The country organizes international competitions and also has participants who are talented players who advance to the global level.

Japan: A Unique Perspective

Ironically, although esports is nationally forbidden in Japan, it appreciates the game. Fighting games, rhythm games, and mobile esports are among the ones that succeed in casinos. Japanese athletes are a bright spot in the universal canvas with unique artistry.

India: The Emerging Contender 

India’s esports have boomed at a fast pace. A young nation becoming more connected online offers tournaments and fosters talent.

The popularity of esports keeps growing as games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire have enjoyed massive followings among Indian gamers, with India emerging as a top player in this sector.


Whether you’re cheering for a Chinese Dota 2 team, a South Korean StarCraft player, or an American Fortnite champion, one thing is clear: esports is a place where a special connection sparks for the fans, the players, and even the organizers.

This makes esports radiate with the brightness of competition, breaking walls and bridging people. Therefore, at Lotus365 ipl betting, become a team player, and let us toast all the growth and glory. 

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