Mithali Raj: Blessing In Disguise For Indian Women Cricket Era


Mithali Raj was the captain of the Indian women’s one-day international team. She is known around the world as a pioneer in women’s cricket. Mithali tends to take the lead and play innings that win games for India. She had done this many times. During the third One-Day International between India and South Africa, Mithali became only the second woman in the history of the sport to score more than 10,000 runs in all international versions of the game. Mithali has been one of India’s most productive batters in One Day Internationals for 22 years, making her one of India’s most productive hitters overall. According to news of women cricket, she has scored more runs in this format than anyone else, and her batting average is one of the few that is higher than 50.

#1 India vs Ireland, 1999 –

Mithali Raj made history in her first game for India on the international stage when she scored 114 runs without being out in a one-day match against Ireland. During the same game, the two of them scored a total of 258 runs, and Reshma Gandhi made her first batting appearance with Mithali. Ireland’s response was 97 runs, but they were bowled out because they didn’t take advantage of the chances they had. With a total score of 161 to 1, India won the match.

#2 India vs England, Test Match 2002 –

Karen Rolton held the record of 209*, but Mithali Raj beat it with a score of 214 in her third test match. At the time, she was only 19 years old. This was the only time Mithali scored 200 runs in a single game during her career. During the first inning of play for England, their team scored an amazing 329 runs. Together with the Indian team’s captain, Anjum Chopra, Mithali was able to give India a significant edge in their response. In the third qualifying match for the 2017 Women’s World Cup, India faces South Africa. South Africa was India’s opponent. India prevailed against South Africa thanks in large part to the pivotal knock scored by Mithali, who scored 64 runs off 84 balls. Mona Meshram was successful in breaking the crucial partnership of 96 runs that had been formed between Mithali and her at the second wicket. Because of their victory, the Indian women’s team was allowed to compete in the 2017 World Cup.

 #3 India vs South Africa, Women’s World Cup Qualifier 2017 –

Mithai’s inning of 64 runs off 84 balls was a key factor in India’s victory against South Africa. Both Mithali and Mona Meshram contributed to the second wicket’s score of 96 runs, which was a very significant total. The victory qualified India’s women’s team for the Women’s World Cup, which they will now participate in.

#4 India vs New Zealand, ICC Women’s World Cup 2017 –

During the women’s World Cup quarterfinal, the New Zealand women’s team batted first, and then the their bowling attack came out to face the Indian batters. The match was won by the New Zealand women. The match was significantly altered as a result of Mithali’s massive hit in Derby. She had an incredible game, scoring 109 runs, which helped her side get to 265 runs overall and handed them the victory. She and Veda were both really quick on the court, and the three of them, together with Harmanpreet, provided a rock-solid foundation for the squad. She recorded the score by writing down each single and double as it was played. This allowed her to keep track of the game’s progression. Her strike was the catalyst for the Indian bowlers’ comeback, which ultimately resulted in a victory by innings and a half.

#5 India vs England –

At Lord’s Cricket Stadium, during the fifth match of the One Day International Series in 2012, Mithali Raj made 94 runs and did not get out while playing against England in the inaugural one-day international match. This was sufficient to ensure victory in the match. The score of 229 runs scored in the first innings by England was the lowest ever recorded for the nation. Both Mithali and Poonam Raut contributed to the successful alliance that their team made for 106 runs.

#6 India vs Malaysia, T20 Asia Cup 2018  –

During India’s Twenty20 Asia Cup match versus Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, Mithali Raj was not dismissed and ended the game with 97 runs scored. The first batter, Mithali, was confronted with 69 balls. During that time, she had 13 fours and one six, utterly obliterating the bowling assault of Malaysia. The fact that Malaysia could only get 27 runs meant that they were unable to compete after India’s total of 169/3.

#7 India vs South Africa, T20 2018 –

Mithai’s team beat South Africa by nine wickets in East London, thanks in large part to her unbeaten batting of 76 runs in 61 deliveries. Mithali once again showed how good she is with the bat when India was trying to beat South Africa’s goal of 143 runs.

#8 India vs Pakistan, T20 Asia Cup 2016 –

The Twenty20 Asia Cup final was held in Bangkok, and India and Pakistan were the two teams competing. The undefeated 73 that Mithali scored off of 65 deliveries was a big factor in India reaching their target of 122 runs. Even though India’s total wasn’t too high, the bowlers performed an excellent job since they only allowed the opposition side to get 104 runs. This demonstrates how well they did their job.

#9 India vs Sri Lanka, T20 2014 –

Mithali scored 67 runs in the match against Sri Lanka in Vizianagaram. In 47 deliveries, she was able to hit nine fours and two sixes over the ropes, bringing the total score to 147. On the other hand, the visitors finally got to the goal with one ball and three wickets left to play for.

#10 India vs West Indies, T20 2014 –

Even though they were still missing nine wickets, India was able to achieve their target of 122 runs thanks to Mithai’s innings of 55 not out.

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